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Meg 2: The Trench uses a few key reveals to set up the franchise’s future, and it means Meg 3 will be even bigger than Jason Statham vs giant sharks.

Meg 2: The Trench sets up the franchise’s future through the finale, promising viewers that Meg 3 will be even bigger than Jason Statham fighting giant sharks. One of the biggest reasons why the Meg movies have proven to be successful has been the entertainment value that they can deliver to audiences. These movies have quickly proven to be critic-proof in some regard, as evident by how well both have performed at the box office. Their high worldwide totals come despite poor reviews, something that Meg 2‘s Rotten Tomatoes score reflects even more harshly. But that hardly matters as much when viewers want to see Statham fighting giant prehistoric creatures.

Much like the original The Meg, its sequel ups the ante to make sure audiences are treated to even more spectacle involving giant animals. After including two Megalodons in the first movie, Meg 2 increases its Megalodons output to include three of the 𝓀𝒾𝓁𝓁er sharks and allows Jason Statham’s Jonas Taylor opportunities to encounter them all. As if this was not enough, the ultimate confrontation on Fun Island brings a giant octopus into the mix too. Instead of waiting for a potential Meg 2 post-credits scene to know about where Meg 3 could go, the movie uses its ending to promise an even bigger sequel.

Meg 2: The Trench’s Ending Sets Up More Megalodons For Meg 3

The most direct tease for a sequel comes during the very last moments of Meg 2: The Trench‘s ending. The final scene shows Jonas, Mac, Meiying, Juiming, Rigas, and DJ sitting on the Fun Island beach waiting to be picked up. This is where Rigas mentions that there is a possibility that the Meg Haiqi is pregnant after her time in the Trench. The movie makes a point to note that it is mating season for the Megalodons and shows Haiqi swimming closely with two male Megs. While both of the male Megs die in the finale, Haiqi’s survival points to her having multiple babies before the next movie.

The idea that Meg 3‘s story will revolve around more Megalodons is pulled directly from Steve Alten’s books that the franchise is based on. The third book in the series titled MEG: Primal Waters builds on the reveal in The Trench‘s ending where the female Meg is confirmed to have given birth to two sons. Instead of Meg 2 delivering an equally straightforward tease for the future of the franchise, some ambiguity is left, allowing the movies to possibly introduce more than just two new Megs. Since Meg 2 had three Megalodons compared to the first movie’s two, Meg 3 having four giant sharks would increase the number again.

Meg 3 Can Introduce Multiple New Creatures Through The Trench

Introducing more Megalodons is only a part of the way that Meg 3 will be bigger, Meg 2: The Trench also reveals how the next installment can include more new creatures from the sea. Questions about if other species could also live below the thermocline are answered with the reveal that a giant octopus is down there, along with smaller reptile creatures. Although the octopus and reptiles die, Meg 3 can reveal that there are several other types of creatures thought to be extinct living in the Trench. As a result, Meg 2: The Trench‘s reveals about the Megs and what else lives in the Trench helps Meg 3.

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